Appointments and events

International meeting of luthiers and master pipers

International meetings makers and pipers deserted Saint Chartier to set not far away at Chateau d’Ars other place marked by the presence of George Sand.
A French, European and international festival that turns the handle of a hurdy-gurdy, mandola a skyscraper, or a rustic violin bow, slap on an Irish bod’hrun or darbouka.Ici you do your shopping. .. Appointments for dancers all night guincheront on floors balls…

Darc Internships and dance concerts in Chateauroux

An introductory course to the governance of a festival supervised by professionals for the 16-20 years to stimulate the desire for training related to trades and techniques show. Classes hip-hop held in different parts of Châteauroux for young people most in need also have access to the course.

Festival de Nohant

Nohant Festival is a music festival held every summer in June and July. Dedicated to the romantic period, it offers programs mainly focused on the piano recital, chamber music, literary and musical performances and lectures.

Candlelight nights at Castle Valençay

Traditional Candlelight tours on the theme of “Evening in Vienna” will transport visitors back in time lavish celebrations organized by the Prince de Talleyrand, between musical enjoyment and pastry art: Splendours of the Viennese opera shows in the Court of honor, Viennese pianos in Little Theatre, Viennese cafes in the gardens, sleigh rides in the Damier Fleuri illuminated sweet demonstrations by renowned pastry chefs in the kitchen of the castle, candlelit dinner …
Candlelight nights at Valençay Castle

Le printemps de Bourges

The Bourges spring is a music festival in France, where the most well-known artists alongside young musical talents. Since 1977, it takes place every April in the heart of the city of Bourges, Cher.