Touris train from bottom of the Berry

At the hear of the green countryside, an unforgettable journey awaits big and small, on an authentic “Tortillard” the beginning of the last century. Appointment ECUEILLE station for a journey through meadows and woods and discover the leisure of “The Foulquetière” and villages LUCAY-THE-MALE HEUGNES, PELLEVOISIN and ARGY.

Regional natural park of the Brenne

Land of a thousand lakes, Brenne is one of the largest known for its rich fauna and flora French wetlands. Must for all nature lovers.

Arboretum of the Sedelle, CROZANT

Established in 1987, the Arboretum covers about 6 acres to the shores of the Sedelle.Arboretum of the Sédelle, CROZANT

Dam rock monks, GARGILESSE

Located in the towns of Baraize and Gargilesse, this small dam type weight-straight was commissioned in 1933.

Dam rock monks, GARGILESSE

Dam Build Eagle Rock, BADECON-LE-PIN

If the existing dam in 1977, it was here that was built in 1907, the first hydroelectric dam on the valley.
Dam Build Eagle Rock, BADECON-LE-PIN


Straddles the towns of Cuzion and Eguzon, the dam was one of the largest in Europe when it was built between 1917 and 1926.

Pedestrians tray

It performs Easter to Halloween, at set times for pedestrians and cyclists crossing between the pier and the beach Chambon Ferns.
Pedestrians tray

Lys Saint Georges

Placed on a hill overlooking the river “Gourdon”, this town of the department of Indre is located in the Pays de la Chatre-en-Berry and has 257 Olliciennes and Olliciens.

As you walk, you can enjoy:
– The castle of the XIV – XV – XVI century
– The St. Leger (thirteenth century) church
– Parliament House,
– The gardener’s house (reconstruction of a Berry inside)
– The leper (old hospital with a chapel of XIII)
– And a magnificent view of the “Black Valley”.
A true haven of peace, to discover …

The loop pin

A Badecon-The-Pin, near Gargilesse, Boucle du Pin is a natural curiosity that George Sand described as a horseshoe formed by the river.
The loop pin

Ferns and rock of the SAINT-PLANTAIRE spinner

You will be enchanted by a submerged by the dam and on slopes where water valley, rock and vegetation play together, for the greatest pleasure.
Tel : 02 54 47 21 18
Ferns and rock the SAINT-PLANTAIRE spinner

Routes golf trips around Lake Eguzon and Valley are available in tourist offices (50cts sheet)

BADECON LE PIN : 3 routes

  1. la Boucle du Pin : 3.8 km

  2. La Creuse Domptée : 7 km

  3. Sur les pas de Gargantua : 15.9 km

GARGILESSE : 3 routes

  1. Promenade autour de mon village : 5.6 km

  2. Sentier des bords de Creuse : 9 km

  3. La Gargilesse secrète et sauvage : 10.6 km

CUZION : 3 itinéraires

  1. A l’ombre de Chateaubrun : 6.2 km

  2. Du haut des falaises : 12.3 km

  3. De l’eau à la lumière : 22 km

SAINT PLANTAIRE : 5 itinéraires

  1. Le sentier des arts : 3.4 km

  2. La lande, un milieu naturel à préserver : 6.1 km

  3. Au fil du Bouzantin : 6.5 km

  4. Le rocher de la Fileuse : 12.8 km

  5. L’homme, sculpteur de paysages : 13.1 km

EGUZON : 4 routes

  1. Au fil de l’eau : 6 km

  2. Les sentiers de l’école buissonnière : 7.4 km

  3. Entre Eguzon et Chantôme : 15.8 km

  4. Le chemin des gorces : 16.3 km

BARAIZE : 3 routes

  1. Chemins creux et sous bois autour de Montcocu : 4.2 km

  2. A la recherche de la Fortune : 7 km

  3. Au temps de la batteuse : 11.8 km

CEAULMONT. 2 routes

  1. De hameaux en villages : 6.7 km

  2. Sur les pas d’un poète et d’un naturaliste : 15.5 km

The Tourist Office organizes hiking trips and cars together and discussed from May to August Kms These tours are to families and propose to discover the historical, cultural and natural heritage of the Valley of the Creuse, History and legends of this land and the wildlife.

Hiking and discovery tours together and discussed in Creuse Valley

The hiking paths are 8 km and discovery tours in cars are 25 km circuits that are available on two topics each time and for hikes and tours (history, heritage, gastronomy). Registration is required.

Hiking “In the footsteps of rabid wolf”

The Club Memory and Future Mosnay organizes a lively march punctuated by scenes of peasant life by offering two courses of 11 and 16 km (refreshments and lunch provided).

Hiking with music

Associations ARDET and Convergences offer “Des Lys … Arts”, a musical guided hike around the monuments and sites of Lys-Saint-Georges. Discovered in music, tours and storytelling concert at the church (traditional music) are in the program.