Cities characters

Bourges proud capital of Berry

Historic capital of Berry, Bourges is known for its historical heritage. A Gothic cathedral is nestled in the heart of a historic preserved and full of good addresses. Witness the history of France, the city has seen a few kings and great men such as Charles VII, Jean de Berry and Jacques Heart, fascinating characters that have strongly influenced the city of Bourges. The city is also known for its famous music festival.

Gargilesse village of artists and character

Gargilesse hidden in the hollow of the river that gave it its name. The charm of the houses clustered around the castle and Romanesque church which form a simple and harmonious whole. George Sand was the first artist to succumb to the charm of this village before many others. Artisans arts, impressionist and contemporary painters came, like her, a refuge and create and so make a “Village of artists.” Gargilesse is a village where time seems to be down, away from the story. Gargilesse is one of the most beautiful villages of France.

The town of Argenton-sur-Creuse

“Venice of the Berry” Argenton-sur-Creuse is a welcoming and dynamic city, whose downtown shopping very blends perfectly with the authenticity of the old districts.
A tourist route takes you from the place of the city center to the streets and alleys of old. The old mill wheel and old houses with galleries and balustrade still contribute to the charm of picturesque walks along the banks of the Creuse.

A scenic point of view from the esplanade of the Good Lady can admire the landscape of steep green hills of the valley of the Creuse.

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St Benoît du Sault, The Medieval

At the intersection of Berry and Limousin, Saint Benoît du Sault is perched on a granite boulder overlooking the river. This medieval town was inhabited by Benedictine monks. Behind its walls, you can walk through its steep streets to discover its charming houses of fifteenth and sixteenth century, its church and its priory but the valley of the Portfolio on which the village has a nice view.